This List of Journalists and Bloggers on Brexit has been compiled after reading many tweets on Brexit and is designed to assist in obtaining Breaking News on the Brexit process. This List is updated on a regular basis.

Tom Newton Dunn ( Sun)

Fraser Nelson (Spectator)

Laura Kuennsberg (BBC)

Tony Connelly (RTE Brussels)

Peter Foster (Telegraph Europe)

George Parker (Financial Times)

Nick Gutteridge (Sun.Brussels)

Tim Ross (Bloomberg)

Robert Peston (ITV)

Adam Fleming (BBC Brussels)

Bruno Waterfield (Times Brussels)

Tom McTague (Politico UK)

Charlie Cooper (Politico Brexit)

Mehreen (FT Brussels)

Adam Boulton (Sky)

James Forsyth( Spectator/Sun)

Michael Crick (C4 News)

Harry Cole (Sun)

Alex Wickham (BuzzFeed UK)

Tim Shipman (Sunday Times)

Andrew Neil (BBC/Spectator)

Sam Coates (Times)

Faisal Islam (Sky)

Beth Rigby (Sky)

Julia Hartley-Brewer (Talk Radio)

Jennifer Rankin (Guardian Brussels)

Allister Heath (Sunday Telegraph)

Steven Swinford (Telegraph)

Gordon Rayner (Daily Telegraph)

Paul Brand (ITV)

Nigel Farage (LBC)

Stewart Jackson (ex mp: ex SPAD to David Davis)

Sir Christopher Meyer (former UK Ambassador to USA)

Daniel Hannan (MEP)

Dan Hodges (Mail on Sunday)

Anna Mikhailova (Telegraph)

Paul Waugh (HuffPost UK)

Isabel Oakeshott (Ind)

Isabel Hardman (Spectator)

Nick Robinson (BBC)

Jon Snow (Channel 4)

Christopher Hope (Daily Telegraph)

Andrew Marr(BBC)

Sophie Ridge (Sky)

Andrew Rawnsley (Observer)

Andrew Pierce (Daily Mail)

Kevin Maguire (Daily Mirror)

Norman Smith (BBC)

Tim Montgomerie

Daniel Finkelstein (Times)

George Eaton (New Statesman)

Iain Dale(LBC)

John Rentoul (Independent)

Ayesha Hazarika (former Labour Aide)

Kate McCann (Sky)

Katy Balls (Spectator)

Tim Stanley (Telegraph)

Mark Wallace (Conservative Home)

Polly Toynbee (Guardian)

Gaby Hinsliff (Guardian)

Zoe Williams (Guardian)

Camilla Tominey (Telegraph)

Lynn Davidson (Sun)

Lucy Fisher ( Times)

Darren Grimes (Blogger)

Guido Fawkes (blog) (blog)