Brexit.app is about selling Britain to the World, together with World Brexit News.

There are many hurdles to overcome,but Brexit will happen,hopefully, in an acceptable format,and when it does the whole of the United Kingdom should unite, whether Remainers or Leavers, for the good of the country and themselves.

There are truly Global trading,financial,fintech, selling,and other marketing opportunities for the United Kingdom after Brexit. This is,of course, subject to the UK  being able to have its own Trade Policy and the ability to negotiate unfettered Trade Deals. This would appear to be impossible under the current Chequers Communique Offer to the European Union.  The significence of this has not yet been appreciated by the British people.

Subject to the above,already there are UK Government Consultations ongoing (although seemingly little publicized) about prospective Free Trade Deals with Australia,New Zealand, United States of America,and the CPTPP which will be one of the largest trading blocks in the World. There are now reports of a potentially huge Free Trade Deal with China, as well as Free Trade Deals with Canada and South Korea. And this is just the beginning. The opportunities offered by  all the Commonwealth must not be discounted

We need to embrace those opportunities with optimism and go out selling Britain to the World,not just concentrating on the European Union. The Government should even consider establishing a Ministry of Exports. Even Liam Fox, International Development Secretary has stated recently that the United Kingdom can become an “Exporting Superpower” exploiting the ” Global Middle Class”

Brexit.app will be posting articles and features on potential trade of the United Kingdom with the countries of the World, sanctioned countries excluded, with detailed contact information. In addition,every major industry and conurbation in the United Kingdom will be included.

In the meantime, Brexit .app will have global newslinks on Brexit as well as a selection of the most important newslinks, twitter links and blogs on Brexit as the deadline of 31st March 2019 approaches. These are currently on brexitnews.app

Brexit.app will also have full details of the European Commission and United Kingdom Position Papers on Brexit, and full details of all the Trade Agreements and Trade Associations the European Union has entered into,  or is now negotiating. Brexit.app is planned to be a composite one stop information shop on all matters Brexit.

Sell to the World and become a Brexit Ambassador.