Thursday 29th November 2018.

Another big today on the Buzzfeed List. Now there are 100 Conservative MPs who have announced they will not vote for PM May´s Deal. May refuses to provided the Legal Advice she has received on Brexit citing Privilege. Expect the speaker to become involved. Fireworks maybe. Corbyn-May TV Debate announced for Sunday week at 8pm. PM May now on way to Argentina for 3 days for G20 summit-

🚨 100 Tory MPs have now indicated they will not vote for Theresa May’s Brexit deal 🚨 Matthew Offord: “as the deal stands at the moment, I will vote against it” 



Breaking – BBC wins broadcasters race to host Brexit deal debate on Sunday December 9, at 8pm.

Exc: Olly Robbins, who drew up the unilateral backstop, also recommended that Theresa May did NOT try to negotiate it – because it would effectively halt negotiations. TM agreed.

We reproduce the “Termination clause with explicit unilateral mechanism” motion in full When the Meaningful Vote falls, brexiteers want Mrs May to go back to Brussels to argue for it

We reveal the secret blueprint drawn up mid negotiations by Theresa May’s Brexit adviser Olly Robbins to allow Britain to unilaterally abandon the backstop

Here is the thing the brexiteers want – but were told they can’t have. A unilateral backstop exit mechanism made flesh (well, draft legal text) but told it would stall the negotiations so was never formally put to Europe

Replying to 

as only a very limited number of officials and Ministers will have had access to this document, can we expect a prosecution of the person who leaked it, under s.3 of the Official Secrets Act?

Liz Truss was the star of last night’s Spectator parliamentarian awards. Here’s Ms Dynamite’s explosive-strewn speech 


Watch highlight for important initiative by to make sure parliament – rather than – can determine what kind of Brexit or no-Brexit we have, if as expected she loses vote on her deal.

PS I understand that… will not table her amendment calling for a because she has been persuaded – to her disappointment – that she would lose the vote by substantial margin and that would damage credibility of referendum push.

She and others campaigning for referendum.will delay big drive for referendum till the anticipated chaos of losing her deal. Striking that also on last night said he had residual hope would opt to go for referendum, even though Downing St officials have been clear she…would not be PM if there were a

There is so little support on the Tory side for May’s deal that some junior ministers are even considering resigning so that they can speak in favour of it from the backbenches. They fear that without that, the deal’s opponents will dominate the debate.



“It makes us prisoners of a Hotel California customs union. We can check out any time we like but we can never leave. This gives them unbelievable negotiating leverage on every issue, as EU negotiators have bragged to Brussels ambassadors”

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