The day after the Statement in the House of Commons, PM May has now flown to Northern Ireland where she is attempting to sell her deal to the people there. Meanwhile on BBC4 this morning , sir Mishael Fallon has said he will now be voting against the Deal. Buzzfeed now have 96 Conservative MPs voting against the Deal.



Michael Fallon says he’ll vote against the “doomed” deal


Row brewing with No10 due to release Geoffrey Cox’s legal advice on the deal. The advice on the backstop given to cabinet was “damning” and essentially said UK cannot get out, according to cabinet sources. But Cox’s political judgment was that a deal is better than no deal…

According to someone who has seen the latest No10 grid, there is an entry for “legal position”. Sources suspect the govt could attempt to publish a summary which stresses Cox’s political position. Will No10 be honest and reveal the legal advice that ministers found so damning?

Labour response: “Parliament was clear on this, when it unanimously passed a Labour humble address forcing the Government to publish the full legal advice from the Attorney General to Cabinet. Labour and Parliament will accept nothing short of the full legal advice to Cabinet.”

EXC: Theresa May has set up a crack team of senior advisers named ‘Project Vote’ tasked with getting the deal through parliament. New office in 70 Whitehall, made up of No10 aides, Cabinet Office Europe unit officials, Dexeu advisers, whips


Theresa May’s brexit deal is “the worst of all worlds” and “is doomed.” Q: Is Mrs May doomed? A: That’s up to my colleagues. Q: I don’t take that as a warm endorsement? A: Take it as you wish.

This is why so many Conservative backbenchers have kept their counsel on May’s humiliating deal thus far. Michael Fallon and Tracey Crouch will embolden others to oppose this substandard deal.  A way will be found to get back to the negotiating table.

The Article 50 case at the ECJ has begun. Lawyer for the British MSPs, MPs and MEPs arguing that requiring unanimity to revoke A50 would “ride roughshod” over EU principles, meaning a state could be forced out against its will if it changed its mind.

Qs to Fallon: Is Mrs May doomed ? “That’s up to my colleagues.” I don’t take that as a warm endorsement ? “Take it as you wish.”

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