Sunday 25th November 2018.

Big day today. Approval of the Brexit Deal at the special EUCO Meeting in Brussels, preceded by PM May writing a personal letter to UK Citizens which took fron page spreads in the Sunday Newspapers. May then gives another speech in Brussels to “the people” in an effort to sell her Deal and have MPs persuaded in her favour by their constituents, on the very day when the Buzzfeed List of Tory MPs who have stated they will vote against her Deal reaches 94.

Sadly for PM May, no sooner has the paperwork been signed than Macron of France issues grave comments about the independence of the UK Fishing Waters, and implicitly threatening to put the UK in the dreaded Backstop if a satisfactory ahreement cannot be reached in 2020. Big torpedo to May´s plans and hopes.

May: “This is the best possible deal, it’s the only possible deal” Juncker: “This is the best deal possible for Britain. This is the only deal possible”. Someone’s been comparing notes

Bombshell from Macron who suggests if EU doesn’t get what it wants on fishing it’ll force UK into backstop customs union. WA says fisheries deal should be done by July 2020 so coincides with decision on whether to trigger backstop. Brexiteer MPs’ worst nightmare about May’s deal.

There were already 90+ Tory MPs preparing to vote against the Brexit deal as it was ahead of today’s summit. Emmanuel Macron’s comments today will only have augmented that number, one suspects.


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