Saturday 24th November 2018.

EUCO Summit still on for tomorrow to agree the Brexit Deal. Fudge on Gibraltar. Now 101 Conservative MPs have joined up to Standup4Brexit. Government seem to be accepting that it will lose first Meaningful Vote. Theory is that No 10 Spin Machine now getting May loyalists on the airwaves to argue her case. AND that she will try and rely on Labour MPs to support a second vote. The odds seem against her at the moment especially with the DUP against , and Boris Johnson giving a major speech at the DUP Conference today in Belfast.

So Spain gets its veto on any future EU trade deal for Gibraltar after all – an original A50 demand. HMG opposed this for two years, but concedes defeat at the very last moment. Not an ideal look. 

This week, Martin Howe QC delivered his legal verdict on Theresa May’s Brexit deal (“It’s not bad – it’s atrocious”). No10 has written a rebuttal. Here it is:- 


Of course, under May’s deal any nation could veto us moving on to a trade deal in 2022 and thereby force us into the backstop. Perhaps Sanchez thinks this is the same as vetoing Brexit, because May’s deal – and the backstop – is not really Brexit. And there, he’d have a point.


Extended tomorrow! Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt DUP leader Arlene Foster Former PM Tony Blair Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon News review Live updates in Brussels Abba’s & BBC One, 10am 


You hear a lot of people claiming that business “just wants to get on with it”. In fact, the Institute of Directors did a survey, and a slim majority of its members said they would prefer another referendum

The agreement on reached today within the framework of the negotiations is highly positive for and the most important one since the Treaty of 1713. I want to personally thank the Secretary of State for the , our Permanent Representation (1/2)

Tory politicians most in favour of ’s Brexit deal are the ex-Remainers, like . They have decided what those who actually voted for Brexit really wanted. But this “we know best” attitude by those in power contributed to the collapse of trust…

It gets harder for

says will revisit confidence and supply arrangement if Brexit withdrawal agreement is passed in the Commons.

By my reckoning EU27 leaders will approve an additional declaration on tomorrow with 7 areas of “vigilance”: 1⃣citizens’ rights 2⃣level playing field 3⃣fish 4⃣UK alignment on environmental standards 5⃣climate change 6⃣transition extension 7⃣backstop review

Top EU officials worked v late to solve the Gibraltar stuff. The solution has 4 parts, including a letter from and to Spanish PM. There’s also a document confirming Spain has a say over the final agreement (which all EU27 have, really).


Julia Lopez says this morning: “I simply cannot envisage voting for the government’s Withdrawal Agreement” 


Tory MPs claiming that deputy chief whip Chris Pincher is asking them to write nice things in their WhatsApp groups about newly knighted SIR John Hayes. Doesn’t seem to be working..

“Theresa May is the kind of person that would go to a Black Friday sale and agree to pay the discount on top of the original price” says . Nailed it. 

Almost one in four Conservative MPs have said they will not support the Brexit deal. Theresa May is “heading towards a brick wall at 100 miles an hour,” says one ex cab minister. 


No 10 are hoping to reframe the Brexit debate. That a conversation about the backstop, transition and £39bn divorce bill will become one about how the PM’s deal will end free movement for once and for all.

The Prime Minister will also announce that she will scrap the tier 2 cap on highly skilled migrants after Brexit – that’s doctors. nurses, engineers etc. The fundamental ‘tenet’ of the new system will be a ‘universal’ approach. EU and Non-EU migrants will be treated the same.


My message today is clear. It’s not too late. Prime Minister – bin the backstop.

Charles Moore is right in today’s ⁦⁩. It looks like Theresa May has two choices: either drop the backstop or lose office.


I think we can safely say the DUP would be back on board if became PM

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