PM May on the airwaves trying to sell her deal to the listening public, who, according to one poll ,do not support her Plan for Brexit. She knights an MP- Off to Brussels tomorrow for meeting with Juncker on Saturday and EUCO Heads of State on Sunday.


Normally MPs would have to wait til the next honours list for such things, but in the present circumstances, Hayes presumably knew Theresa May couldn’t guarantee how long she’d be around to make good of such a promise. So it’s payment now.

Fancy that. No10 has, out of the blue, just given long standing eurosceptic Tory MP John Hayes a knighthood. Two unrelated facts: he didn’t sign a no confidence letter, and hasn’t yet said he’ll vote down the Brexit deal.

Big: Theresa May refuses to rule out resigning as PM three times if her Brexit deal falls in the Commons: To : “This is not about me”. New message to Tory MPs – my deal, or party chaos if I go.

If MPs do what ⁦⁩ polls says voters want them to do, ⁦⁩’s Brexit deal will be resoundingly defeated in Commons vote 

Downing Street going into full patronage mode ahead of the meaningful vote, John Hayes—backbench Tory Brexiteer—becomes a Knight


Read ‘s excellent story here

Now 90 names on the list 



The small print of yesterday’s ‘political declaration’ on Brexit contains several unpleasant surprises, says

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