21st November 2018 

PM May still believes she can get her unpopular Brexit Agreement through Parliament. now reported that 84 conservative MPs against the proposals. Future Relationship non-legal Agreement not yet agreed. PM May back in Brussels on Saturday. EUCO on Sunday may or may not take place.

Gibraltar a problem. Fish a political problem. Goods *the* problem. On the problem, we’re heading for Chequers MINUS – and the minus, while fine for Tory MPs, means a border between GB and NI.

A brief Brexit update following May-Juncker meeting: – talks still stuck on Gibraltar & Fish – goods also not solved – negotiations ongoing – EU27 ambos meet tomorrow morning – May-Juncker meeting again Sat. – Berlin adamant purpose of Sunday is to endorse a deal, not negotiate

Predict another phrase is about to enter the Brexit lingo, Matthews 1999. It is a European Court of Human Rights judgement that some distinguished academics believe would render the NI specific provisions of the backstop illegal.

8pm: And another. 84 Tory MPs now say they won’t vote for May’s deal Can reveal Remainer David Evennett today emailed a constituent confirming he won’t be voting for it




Please tell us how we have moved the EU on the backstop Bob, given that it would 1) See us tied indefinitely to the protectionist block with zero ability to strike free trade deals globally, and 2) See NI in a separate regulatory area, undermining our Union?

Latest: I understand British and EU negotiators will now talk through the night tonight. If they go well, there could well be a new draft Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration published tomorrow afternoon. So somebody is blinking… we’ll soon find out who.

Spanish PM upping the ante and saying will vote no to deal unless there is change in wording over Gibraltar

Indications from No 10 tonight the extra meeting on Saturday doesn’t mean panic stations, still sounding confident this can get done in time for Sunday sign off – but…remember it’s UK that has pushed this timetable not EU side… let’s see

. does not hold back in the on the backstop: “it is a concerted political attempt, by the European Commission and the Irish government, to place Northern Ireland within their sphere of control and dependence – a direct threat to the Union.”


Surprised more wasn’t made of the Sunday Times story that No10 is planning to encourage a crash in the financial markets. Now also says that’s the plan:

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