20th November 2018


Little bit of hyperbole here perhaps. But not a good night for

Absolutely staggering. The Government has just accepted all Labour amendments to the Finance Bill because they couldn’t rely upon DUP to support them. Tories in office not in power. A government falling apart in front of us.

France wants UK to stick to EU’s environment standards, even if EU makes them stricter after Brexit + sign up to so-called level playing field restrictions in areas of labor law, state aid and taxation as well as a pledge to allow European fishing vessels access to British waters.


The DUP will abstain again on all Finance Bill votes tonight, sources confirm, plus probably other Govt legislation if tabled next week. They are now effectively on strike (and the confidence and supply agreement all but suspended) until the Irish backstop is resolved.

Replying to 

From Saturday’s Times. No10 think it. It’s not a secret, its in the future arrangements text. But your make a good point…

Blimey. Straw clutching. EU means “alternative arrangements” in the sense of, as one country’s recent note put it, a “broad comprehensive customs union, with extensive plus agreements”.

EU diplomats say talks on the political declaration are stuck on what I – and no one else – call the 3 G’s



GREAT access to U.K. waters for the EU27 fishing fleet. Opinions differ over how easy these are to solve. (1)

Boris Johnson is going to speak at the DUP conference this weekend – wonder why…

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