Saturday 10th November 2018

Brexit News Today is all about the possible fallout from the resignation of Jo Johnson, and its consquences, while negotiators are still locked in “the Tunnel” according to Alberto Nadelli. Peter Foster of the Telegraph has published an interesting timetable of Brexit Today. Robert Peston has sombre words about Brexit on Facebook. However, the good news is that some Cabinet Leavers have prepared an alternative No Deal scheme, as a way of resolving the impasse. Watch this space!


Brexit latest: EU27 diplomats were told today that EU and UK negotiators are exploring a backstop architecture that sets out three options to review in July 2020. The three options: 1) The backstop becomes superfluous because a hard border will have been avoided through a trade deal 2) The transition period is extended 3) The backstop is activated, and the UK enters into a customs union with the EU

Upshot of Jo Johnson’s resignation: ‘no deal’ is more likely. It’s currently the default, MPs need to agree on something to replace it. If moderate Remainers like JoJo join Soubryites in voting down May’s plan (as do 50+ members of BoJo StandUp4Brexit crew) default kicks in

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