Thursday 8th November 2018

No big news on Brexit today, other than rumours that PM Theresa May will try to finalise her deal with the Cabinet next week over the backstop. Much opposition from Brexiters who see the proposals as worse than no deal, ie the UK will more than likely end up after the end of the transition period in an indefinite customs union with the EU, paying moneys, unable to negotiate proper free trade deals, full free movement of EU citizens and having no say in the rules. It was pointed out today that Turkey has been in a “temporary”customs union with the EU since 1992. Much criticism of Theresa May and her Cabinet today for their complete lack of negotiating skills and weakness and failure to stand up to the EU. Many will be asking what on earth was the point of Brexit if the UK( under this Government) is unable to leave the EU.

A fine summary. But remember the Cabinet eagerly signed off everything May did, every painful step of the way. A collective and epic failure of Government.

The challenge for May is to make sure that the backstop doesn’t turn out to be worse than no deal at all

Brexit is served – and neither option is palatable | The Spectator

When the Lisbon Treaty was signed in 2007, the inclusion of Article 50 was hailed as a concession to British Eurosceptics. For the first time there wa…


Liam Fox: UK must have ability to end “backstop” arrangement after

Minister Liam Fox says the UK must have the ability to end any post-Brexit "backstop" arrangement.

Fox: UK must be able to end backstop

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox says the UK must have the ability to end any post-Brexit “backstop” arrangement.

David Davis says it is “looking like a probability” that May’s Brexit deal will fail in Parliament.


Don’t think there is a single Leave voter or MP who could read this by and not conclude the government has completely ruined what they thought they were voting for,


The Cabinet and Parliament must be able to make a fully informed decision on any future relationship with the EU. Earlier, on , I reiterated the need for the Government to release the full legal advice provided by the Attorney General.


On this week’s (coming tomorrow), joins at the Red Lion pub (the scene of his post-resignation shandy) to discuss a ‘no-deal’ Brexit and why MPs should be given full legal advice on Theresa May’s Brexit deal. Watch this space.

Grim reading. The ineptitude and feebleness of our negotiators make Barnier look like Talleyrand. Why did we accept the EU’s legal text of last December’s agreement as holy writ? Where was ours? It’s Negotiation 101.


The inadequacies of our political and civil service elite are impossible to ignore. Radical, sweeping changes in Westminster and Whitehall are due. ⁦

Austrian newspaper reports EU officials in Helsinki expect a Brexit deal to be agreed ‘in the next few days’. It says Donald Tusk is expected to convene a special November summit on the 25th.



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