Wednesday 7th November 2018

Today has been a day of rumours and rumours. Concern about the Backstop continues with Government backbenchers as well as the Opposition wanting full sight of the Legal Advice given to PM Theresa May by Geoffrey Cox , the Attorney-General.

It may be there will be a Cabinet meeting to discuss the Backstop tomorrow, but this cannot be confirmed.

BREXIT LATEST: Cabinet ministers are being invited to read the full text of the Withdrawal Agreement in private — but it doesn’t yet include the crucial Irish border backstop.


Arriving in Brussels, said the government should voluntarily publish its legal advice on the Irish backstop and if they didn’t then Labour would consider mechanisms to compel them. Although he didn’t specify which .

Times / Brexit live It doesn’t sound like No10 intend to share the most contentious elements of the Withdrawal Agreement – the text of the NI backtop – with cabinet ministers today

UK goods exports to the 11 fellow founding members of the Single Market have grown between 1993-2015 at just 1% pa. Over the same period, UK goods exports to the 111 countries with which it trades under rules have grown at 2.88% pa, nearly three times faster.

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