Tuesday 6th November 2018.

Brexit Headlines today include Reports of the Cabinet Meeting about the Backstop, M Barnier´s Comments, and a purported leak of UK Media plan to publicize and gain support for the Brexit Deal, although the legitimacy of this has been denied by the Government.

Twitter has the best Brexit News on these topics today

  1. 4. In short term, ministers told be ready for another Cabinet meeting, maybe even at end of this week, because there might be enough movement by then to push button on a deal

  2. 3. Some ministers did urge PM to be hardline on need for limit to backstop +ability for UK to get out of it on its own, but s no big confrontation – ministers were presented a paper that set out difference btw November deal or waiting til December – it was confiscated at the end

  3. 2. Geoffrey Cox, the Attorney General, said there as a spectrum of what was possible for mechanism for escaping the backstop – ie not being trapped in neither in nor out limbo for ever – ministers say he softened his position from last week which has made a difference

  4. Lots more on today’s cabinet later on but a quick thread of what was discussed 1. Cabinet agreed horror of missing a November deal deadline – not impossible but deeply undesirable

    Stand by for a cabinet meeting on Friday, maybe, to “push button” on a deal, Cabinet told. Sounds wildly optimistic given briefings by Team Barnier to and others. Clear signals, it seems, that TF50 not that keen in a rush job.

     The Huffington Post has the disputed story of the proposed PR Plan to sell the Brexit Deal to the UK.

    Without any apparent irony, Michel Barnier has just said: “Backstop means backstop”. Brexit has truly begun to eat itself.

    1. Just imagine if the Tories go into the next general election with the UK still in the customs union – with the EU setting our tariffs and other trade barriers with 3rd countries – and with no unilateral right ever to be free of it. I almost pity Tory campaigners out on the door

    2.   retwitted

      Remaining in a customs union beyond 2020 would be unacceptable to many Conservative MPs – and here’s why, writes (former Trade Minister; voted to Remain, which makes his critique all the more powerful) This story is in Conservative Home


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